Meet Jinny

Hi! I’m Jinny Jandron. I have been a Montana resident for over 17 years. I am a Mississippi native that ventured to Montana to finish my studies in 2000. I fell in love with my husband and the mountains instantly. Our family has made our home near Helena, Montana. And I don’t believe that Tom and I could not have chosen a better place to raise our 3 beautiful children ~ Knox, Gage, and Piper.

Photography has been a long-time passion and hobby for me and now my chosen profession. I have studied at the University of Mississippi and Montana State University, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts. I have a passion for photographs of all types. But capturing life as it happens is my true conviction. There is nothing more precious to me than catching that unplanned, spontaneous moment between loved ones. Those moments that make us human, and that we love so much about each other. The looks and the glances that we see in each other every day, but are rarely preserved in time. These are the memories that I love to capture.